Lasertag Package


Our lasertag is the ultimate unique experience in live combat entertainment. You can play in all weather conditions in our undercover setting  with real combat scenarios.

The Difference?

We offer the latest sophisticated infra-red m4 and m16 laser-guns, that are realistic and have real time feedback scoring systems. Two teams verse each other head-to-head in death matches, capture the flag, defend the fort or just go crazy with a free-for-all. Each player can keep track of their own personal performance as well as the overall team scores. Game lengths can be altered to suit the needs of each group. We can also play more than 3 rounds if you have the stamina.
So get your family and friends together and try tactical gaming for both the young and old . Ideal for team building and physical fitness, but, overall just great fun for Birthdays, Christmas, Buck or Hen parties as well as any work event or social gathering.

Soft Drinks, tea, coffee and light snacks are available to purchase. We have an undercover area with tables and chairs so players are welcome to bring their own refreshments and we have BBQ facilities available as well. Just let us know what you need and we will be happy to make your event a memorable one. 




Odyssey Lasertag Tactical Moments


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