We provide outdoor adventure lasertag for kids 8+ and adults alike. Kids under 8 years of age may be able to play if accompanied by an adult on the field. We have exclusive access to state-of-the-art gaming equipment from the US, which is not available anywhere else in Queensland.

We are situated only 8 minutes from Atherton on the Herberton highway. We ensure our players have the very best experience technology can offer, because we know how important it is that your event is not only amazing, but creates memories that you look back upon fondly in years to come. 
All the equipment is linked back to our computer so you can see your personal score as well as your team score, which all adds up to “bragging rights” at the end of the day. At Odyssey Lasertag you are not going to come across common playgrounds. Our fields are real-life war zones giving you genuine battlefield action. Our large venue offers a variety of action-packed playing fields and scenarios. 


We use infra-red gaming guns, with realistic recoil and sound for the Ultimate Experience of being in a live combat situation. These guns use a harmless infra-red beam (like a TV remote control) to send messages to and from the equipment. Each player is wearing a headband and a bandaleer that is synced to their lasertag gun. When a player hits one of the infra-red sensors the equipment will register a hit or a kill. If you hit the mark, the player will see all the red sensors light up and flash and the gun will be temporarily disabled. A re-spawn area is designated to each team where you need to go and “revive” in order to get straight back into the game.  Our games are team based and involve strategy, tactics and team work. No paint is involved, no masks, goggles, or unsightly bruises! And best of all we take the stress out of organising your next event.


Lazertag Package


M4 SBR Laser Tag Gun
(with a synced headband and bandoleer)

3 x Structured Games

600 shots (ammunition)

Head wrap

EXTRA magazines (200 shots)
can be purchased for $5.00ea.