Our Lasertag is a little different. Rather than playing in a restricted dark room or maze our games are outdoors in tactical type setting the same used with paintball. 

The difference? Lasertag is available for children from 8+ whereas Paintball is from 15+ 

We have exclusive access to State of the Art gaming equipment from The US, which is not available anywhere else in Queensland. 

Get a team together and try extreme lasertag, tactical gaming for the young and old. Ideal for team building, physical fitness and just great fun for Birthdays, Christmas or any work group event or social gathering.

There is something for everyone from the small light weight models to the big guns!

  • Our combat gaming scenarios have a military feel as we use the same battlegrounds as Paintball. Road Work barriers, walls and other obstacles make up a realistic battlefield.  Prepare to experience the genuine battlefield action.
  • We have different missions and games, with different objectives that can be immersive like a computer game or movie. Discuss with us the games types before your event as there are many options, we don’t just don’t run capture the flag.
  • Tactical Outdoor Lasertag is a team activity, not an individual game.  We run structured missions where all the team are involved and work together battling against another team.  Team strategy and tactics are required.
  • We have weapon sizes for everyone.  The digital gaming guns are tough and have realistic sound effects, realistic weights and real scopes for a authentic combat experience.
  • There is no paint or projectile involved, no masks needed, no pain, no bruises, no lasers, just safe infra red that is used in your remote control at home.  No need to worry being covered in bruises on the next day.